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CNH Tours 2024 Booking Application

This booking system will be retired at the end of 2024.

If your trip date is after 1 Jan 2025 please click here to access the new 2025 booking system.

This interactive booking form will help you manage and organize your trip efficiently. All members of one group (couples, families, a single person), for whom one invoice will be generated, should be booked under the same group name.

The primary contact will take the lead in filling in the booking form. Other group members can be invited to provide their own personal details directly on-line, or the primary contact can do it for them.

You or any of the group’s members may return to this site and update / add information at any time up to 30 days prior to the departure.

Who will see this information?

All the information you provide will be visible to CNH Tours. Our various service providers (hotels, ship) will only have access to those elements critical to their role in ensuring you have a great trip.

For more details, please see our privacy policy here.

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Who should fill in this form?

Only the Primary contact for your group - this is the person within your group with whom the main dealings with CNH tours will happen, and to whom the group invoice will be sent.

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