Feature Ship: The Samba



We're very glad to feature the Samba as our charter ship (we often recommend it to independent travelers as well).   CNH Tours has been working with the Samba for more than 20 years.   The ship is owned and operated by the Salcedo family of Galapagos.   The Salcedo family has been in the Galapagos tourism business for over 45 years.

Samba beyond Opuntias


We consider the Samba as a "high end tourist superior" ship.   Some consider it as a 1st class ship - but as it's not as spacious as 1st class ships, we are more comfortable retaining the tourist superior classification.    It is generally considered as the best ship of its class in Galapagos.


Ship Details



The 78 foot (24 metre) Samba accommodates 14 guests (2 less than the usual 16 passenger standard) in 7 cabins.  With the exception of cabin # 7, which has a pullman berth (double pushed against a wall), all of the Samba's cabins have an extra-wide lower bunk, which can accommodate a cozy couple, plus a single upper berth.  Cabins 1 & 2 are located at the base of the stairway and abut the engine room, cabins 3 & 4 are located mid-ship, and cabins 5 & 6 are located in the bow of the ship.

The steel-hulled yacht is air conditioned and all cabins have private bathrooms.  There's a cozy indoor salon and one outdoor dining area astern. All the woodwork is hand made in Galapagos from the honey coloured tropical "cigar box" cedar.  The Samba is a graceful, non-obtrusive vessel - it doesn't impose itself on the Galapagos landscape you are out there to experience.

On-board Services

The Samba provides full wetsuits - guests are encouraged  to use them, not only for protection from waters considered cool by some, but also from UV rays, thus reducing the need to use sunblock in the sea.  Masks and snorkels are also provided, free of charge.

The ship has a laptop computer to transfer or backup your pictures.  We recommend you bring memory sticks or blank CDs for this purpose. 

The Samba also carries 6 double and 2 single kayaks, along with 2 paddle boards


Deck Plan




Finally, but no less important:  The Crew

We've extolled upon the virtues of having a top quality guide.  But a top quality crew also makes a big difference to your cruise experience.  The Samba owners treat their crew very well. taking them and their families on an annual cruise, or on a trip to Amazon.  As a result, we enjoy the services if a very engaged and supportive crew, from the captain (who takes pleasure in accompanying you on your snorkel outings, and in giving a hand to those who may be less comfortable in the water), to the cook (who works absolute wonders in the ship's small galley) and all the others.  Our guests invariably sing the praises of both our guides AND of the crew - a great testament to a very well managed ship.  

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I had an absolutely wonderful time, with the exception of the cruise went too fast and there was no space available for me to stay on a second week!!

Susan Witzel
Arlington VA, USA


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