A Note on Insurance


CNH Tours leaves it up to every traveler to make an informed decision on the acquisition of travel insurance.  We recognize that you may have existing policies that might cover all or part of your needs. We highly recommend ensuring that your most basic concerns are covered.  

Though basic "field" first aid facilities are available on ships, and ships carrying 48 or more passengers are required to have a medical professional as part of the crew, in case of injury or illness while cruising in Galapagos, island medical facilities and personnel may be as long as 24 hours away for typical small town hospital type medical attention, and possibly up to 48 hours away on the mainland for more specialized attention. You may want to consider acquiring emergency medical evacuation insurance (air transport) for transfer from the Galapagos airport to the mainland (otherwise, transportation is available only via the regularly scheduled commercial passenger airplane). Guests accept that CNH Tours cannot be held responsible for delays in obtaining medical attention or the possible inadequacy of attention available.

World Nomads

Over the years, we have done our fair share of travelling.  One day several years ago, we came upon World Nomads while looking for travel insurance - and we liked it.  We were drawn to their attractive and easy to use insurance purchasing platform - and the prices seem very reasonable.  We have turned to is ever since.

To be honest, we have no idea if World Nomads is the best travel insurance provider around.  We've not carried out a detailed comparative analysis against other providers.  All we can say is that we like it, it's easy to use, and seems competitively priced.   You can find their insurance purchasing platform here:




More on Health / Travel Insurance:  You can buy insurance to cover just bout any eventuality / need.  Of course, this comes at a price.  It is up to you to determine the extent to which you wish to be covered.  

Comprehensive trip insurance usually includes:

  • Trip cancellation and interruption
  • Travel and baggage delay
  • Loss of baggage and travel documents
  • Emergency assistance
  • Medical expense and
  • Evacuation/repatriation


"Cancel for Any Reason" Coverage: This type of coverage allows you to cancel your trip, no questions asked from the insurer, and receive a partial refund (e.g. 75% is typical).  Specific terms and conditions may vary.  This insurance is understandably expensive.  It must typically be purchased within a few days of having made your first payment on the trip (e.g. 15-21 days).   Not all insurers provide it.  



You can obtain a great deal of information and advice from medical and travel industry professionals to help prevent health problems while abroad. However, you must accept that in the end, you are responsible for your health and well-being while travelling, and upon your return, as well as for preventing the transmission of communicable diseases to others. The following are the main responsibilities to be accepted by the traveller: 

  • the decision to travel
  • recognition and acceptance of any risks involved
  • seeking health advice from professional medical sources in good time, preferably 4-8 weeks before travel
  • compliance with recommended vaccinations and other prescribed medication and health measures
  • carrying suitable medical kit for your personal use
  • obtaining adequate insurance cover
  • being aware of, and implementing health precautions before, during and after the journey
  • responsibility for obtaining a physician's letter pertaining to any prescription medicines, syringes, etc. being carried, when necessary
  • precautions to avoid transmitting any infectious disease to others during, and after, travel
  • careful reporting of any illness on return, including information about all recent travel.

For more, you may wish to consult the following websites: 

1)  Travel insurance – in case of emergency A guide for the Canadian traveller

2)  United States Travel Insurance Association FAQ


The trip was fabulous.  I don’t think there was a part of it that could have been better.  Our guide was awesome - he was well educated in Galapagos specific wildlife and geology was expected, but he was also able to compare and contrast what we see at home.  He has a depth of experience/education that was not expected. 


Samba Active Galapagos


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