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Reservation Process

If you are at this stage, then it seems you're ready to book!   CNH Tours thanks you for your confidence.

Step 1.

Please fill in one CNH Tours Booking Form for your party.  Each member of your party will be included in the same booking form.  A distinct email address must be provided for each member of the party. 

For our Active Galapagos on the Samba tours: /bookings/booking-on-our-active-cruise.aspx

For all other Galapagos cruises: /bookings/other-bookings/

Once your CNH Tours Booking Form has been received, CNH Tours will issue your detailed invoice for your trip deposit, due immediately.  It is critical that you take a moment to review each detail and advise CNH Tours at your earliest convenience of any errors or omissions. The deposit amount will be communicated to you before you book.  You will also receive payment instructions and your invoice for your trip balance.


NB. CNH Tours accepts wire transfers, US$ cheques or money orders. (At present, we are temporarily unable to accept payments by credit cards). For Canadian and US guests, cheques are the preferred form of payment.  

Step 2.

Once your deposit is received, CNH Tours will issue your receipt.    It is only at this point that  your reservation is confirmed.

Step 3

Two important items you must now be attended to:

A - International Flights

Once your cruise reservations are confirmed, CNH Tours encourages you to purchase your international return flight to Ecuador at your earliest convenience.  To ensure a smooth and relaxing trip, we recommend:

ARRIVING IN ECUADOR:  CNH Tours recommends arriving in Ecuador 2 days prior to your expected cruise departure date.  Arriving a bit earlier will reduce the chances of problems due to unexpected travel problems (e.g. snowstorms in the north, fog bound airports in Quito, lost luggage etc.).

LEAVING ECUADOR:  Flights from Galapagos back to the continent typically have you arriving on the continent by mid to late afternoon.   Keep this in mind when booking your flight back home - we recommend that you consider planning to depart from Ecuador the day after your expected return from Galapagos.  This is for your peace of mind.


B - Final Payment

Your balance due date (for the cost of your cruise, national flight to Galapagos, as well as any other tour elements you may have asked us to arrange for you) will be clearly indicated on both your CNH Tours Invoice for your tour balance.

If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns about this reservation process, please do not hesitate to let CNH Tours know.  It would be our pleasure to address your concerns.

As you prepare for your Galapagos cruise, please feel free to contact us with your questions, comments and or/concerns at any time, right up until the day of departure.  CNH Tours retains a logistics coordinator in Quito, Guayaquil and Galapagos and they will be available to help you if necessary once you are in Ecuador.


Hi Heather:  Thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip!  In our credit card society, I was apprehensive about the cash policy, but once there, the trip couldn't have been better!  Juan was such an excellent guide and we saw so much!  At the Quito airport, I met a lady that had been working at the Darwin center.  She asked what we saw on the Samba. She said she had never heard of a tour that saw everything we did.  She had even worked on a National Geographic tour! Antonio, the guide you arranged for us in Quito, was very knowledgeable and an excellent host! The trip was perfect!

Thanks again,


Feb 2016 Active Galapagos on the Samba


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