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Terms & Conditions


Introduction: CNH Tours takes pride in providing personalized service. We try as much as possible to "go the extra mile" to ensure a problem free adventure. We strive to provide you with the best service possible at all times - before, during and after the trip. However, we ask you to recognize that there are always factors that are beyond our control. In order to ensure that prospective participants are fully aware of risks, and CNH Tours policies, we have developed the following terms and conditions for trips booked with us.

General Conditions:

CNH Tours are for anyone in good health - they do not require exceptional fitness, though one must be willing to put in a reasonable physical effort (e.g. 3-4 kilometre walks at times over uneven trails).  We shy away from cookie-cutter style establishments when choosing accommodations - these can range from local family owned and operated hotels to high end boutique lodges. Groups are accompanied by an experienced English speaking local guide familiar with the destination and fluent in the local language.  Finally, we like to remind you that living standards and practices in other parts of the world and the standards and conditions there with respect to the provision of utilities, services and accommodation may differ from those found in your home country.

How Do I Book My Trip?

First contact us to ensure there are spaces remaining on the desired trip. Then, fill in our online BOOKING FORM.  We will invoice you for the deposit, which must immediately be payed to confirm your trip.  Payments via US$ cheque (preferred option), wire transfers of credit card (Master Card / Visa - a transaction fee may apply) are accepted. Book as soon as possible to reserve your place - the number of participants is limited and may be completely booked several months prior to departure - bookings are confirmed upon reception of deposit, and on a first come, first served basis.


What About Travel Insurance?

We strongly recommend you acquire travel insurance suitable to your needs (cancellation, lost luggage, medical, evacuation, repatriation).  Some trips may have mandatory medical and evacuation coverage.  Please see your particular trip details. 

Information Package:

The internet is a very rich source of valuable, updated information and can do a much better job at informing you on travel conditions, health, clothing, and other relevant information than we can. See our links page for a collection of useful internet links containing all this information and more along with our trip description notes. We are always available to answer emails - you can contact us at:  Nevertheless, access to our detailed Voyage Guide will be sent to you upon booking which we hope will address most, if not all of your questions.  We also encourage you to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions on our website.

General Conditions / Liability:

i) Liability: All travel has its inherent risks, whether one travels to the office or to remote foreign destinations, where events beyond our control such as severe weather, earthquakes, mechanical breakdowns, political instability, or labour strife may occur at any time causing a variety of delays, cancellations or other impediments to a problem-free trip.  CNH Tours reserves the right to modify the itinerary in order to avoid such problems. The guide / tour leader with whom you may be at any given time during your trip also has the authority to cancel or modify activities based on his or her judgement regarding safety concerns. However, should the Canadian embassy in the host country emit a full and formal travel restriction to our destination, trips may need to be canceled at the last minute and under these circumstances, though CNH Tours will make every effort to reimburse the trip payment, we cannot guarantee a full refund.  Once again, CNH Tours recommends the purchase of adequate cancellation insurance which should cover such circumstances.

Though we do our best to carry out due diligence on all of our in-country service providers, CNH Tours cannot be held responsible for omissions, errors, losses, damages or accidents during the course of the trip, nor for delays caused by, or cancellations made by these.  CNH Tours cannot be held responsible for participant sickness, accident, loss or anxiety. CNH Tours will not make any reimbursements under any circumstances for a premature return or portion of the trip not completed, nor for unused services on behalf of trip participants.  Adequate travel insurance is the best means to guard against such eventualities.

Though basic first aid facilities are available while in the more remote parts of your travels, participants recognize and accept that in case of injury or illness, professional medical facilities and personnel may be as long as 24 hour journey away (or more in some circumstances).  

The liability of CNH Tours and its agents in regards to the provision of services described in the trip information material is limited to the cost of that service.

In cases where bad weather, technical problems or other unanticipated events during the course of the trip require a change in itinerary, schedule or hotel accommodation, CNH Tours local representatives and guides will be responsible for making such adjustments.

ii) Cancellation: The policy will be provided along with your invoice.   Typically, deposits are non-refundable and the balance of a trip cost may be partially8 refundable, depending on when the cancellation takes place.  Please review your trip's cancellation policy before paying your deposit.   

For Active Galapagos guests, our cancellation policy is as follows:  Deposits are non-refundable, if a cancellation is received no later 75 days prior to the trip start date, 80% of the deposit value may be applied to a future booking for a trip beginning no later than 1 year beyond the originally scheduled trip start date.   Reservations cancelled between 75 days and the cruise start date incur a charge of 100% of of the value of the tour.  However, if CNH Tours is able to sell any or all of the cancelled spaces, the client will be reimbursed for the equivalent amount less the deposit and any other losses. 

We strongly recommend you purchase adequate trip insurance.

iii) Trip Adjustments and Trip Cancellation: CNH Tours reserves the right to make minor adjustments to the itinerary and if necessary, to cancel the trip prior to departure due to insufficient bookings or other such non-country related reason. In such circumstances, the final settlement with the participant will consist of the complete reimbursement of the trip cost, including 100% of the deposit.  No transaction fee will be applied.

iv) Ship Itinerary Changes (Galapagos):  Ships may unilaterally decide to change their itineraries temporarily, or permanently, for a number of reasons, though this is a rare occurrence.   The itinerary advertised at your time of booking may not be the exact itinerary the ship will follow during the course of your cruise.  CNH Tours cannot be held responsible for such changes.  

v) In-country Legal Problems:
Though we will do what we can to provide assistance, CNH Tours will not be held responsible for any of its trip participants who, on his or her own account, develop problems with local authorities for not having respected the laws of the host country.

vi) In-country living standards:  We know that our guests are well-educated and well-traveled people.  However, CNH Tours is required under Ontario regulation to advise its guests that  living standards and conditions at the destination may differ from those found in their home country.  We suspect that this would not come as a surprise to our guests.  


Our prices are based on  travel costs established by third parties. Though our policy is to absorb any price increases after our guests have made their deposit on a trip, there may be some unforeseen situations where major changes in transportation costs or other services on which our prices are based are modified significantly by a third party.  Though we are proud to note that we have never had to increase prices after a guest has booked a trip with us, should we ever call for an increase of over 7% of your total invoice, you will have the right to obtain a full refund of your trip. 


Our family holiday on the Samba rates as one of the very best we have ever had!  We loved that every day was filled from before dawn to bedtime with a combination of activities that everyone enjoyed.  Our guide Santiago Moran was exceptional and worked out very quickly what we all enjoyed.  The crew were brilliant and made our stay on board really comfortable.  I had thought the Galapagos would be a once in a lifetime experience but I am now inspired to go  back and explore the NW having loved the SE itinerary.

Abigail Church, Nairobi

Active Galapagos on the Samba, March 2016

(Abigail and her husband run a high end safari outfit in Eastern Africa - please contact if you would like to be put in touch!)

Abigail Church


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