Great Bear Rainforest

Exploring the deep fjords and inlets of the very rugged Canadian west coast, join us aboard a very comfortable 24 passenger ship as we follow our collective noses, looking for adventure, for grizzlies, black bears and the elusive white spirit bears.  The salmon will be running - and the bears will be focused on fattening up for winter.   On the way, we will encounter humpback whales, and possibly fin whales and orcas.   Bald eagles and ravens will be watching us as we explore the natural and cultural history of this vast region, much of which remains pristine.  4-13 October 2023.  Space is limited.  


Okavango, Victoria Falls, Kalahari and Cape Town

We teamed up with Dr. Karen Ross, recognized by National Geographic as the "champion of the Okavango" to develop what she considers is the ideal itinerary for a visit to this part of the world.  We offer this small group tour once a year (May).   Our May 2022 trip sold out within three weeks of being published, as did our 2023 trip. 

We'll be running a trip in May 2024 as well.  We've included an indicative itinerary and price on the trip's dedicated page (see navigation bar above).  We'll be publishing the final details and opening it up for bookings later in 2022.   You may want to sign up here to be notified the day it goes public.  




Antarctica:  The "Grand Tour" (21 days) or the "Peninsula Explorer" (13 days), Fly In / Fly Out - and more options

With the expert help of Jane Wilson, a 25-year Antarctica research and tourism veteran, you can start exploring various options available to you for visiting Antarctica, and find one that is most suited to your travel style, budget, expectations.  Jane is your personal Antarctica concierge / travel advisor, putting her experience and knowledge of the rapidly evolving industry at your service.

How best to ensure you book on the right ship, on the right itinerary, and at the right time of year that will best help you make this another trip of a lifetime?


We have to comment on what a wonderful trip it was. The hotel in Quito took our breath away and the Samba crew and guide couldn’t have been better. We also enjoyed the 2 days of down time in Puerto Ayorra. 

I wanted to mention that we were surprised at the very small number of people we would run into on our tours. We thought it would be crowded everywhere we went. We think the Ecuadorian Government has done an amazing job on handling the tourists so that it feels like you are alone in the Galapagos. We thought we would be surrounded by people and instead found ourselves surrounded by Sea Lions and other wonderful creatures. We were able to view these amazing animals very close without (it appears) any bother to them but amazing for us. I can only say it blew us away!!! 

Thank you so much!!!

Karen Bruce

Calgary Alberta


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