Great Bear Rainforest

Exploring the deep fjords and inlets of the very rugged Canadian west coast, join us aboard a very comfortable 24 passenger ship as we follow our collective noses, looking for adventure, for grizzlies, black bears and the elusive white spirit bears.  The salmon will be running - and the bears will be focused on fattening up for winter.   On the way, we will encounter humpback whales, and possibly fin whales and orcas.   Bald eagles and ravens will be watching us as we explore the natural and cultural history of this vast region, much of which remains pristine.  4-13 October 2023.  Space is limited.  


Okavango, Victoria Falls, Kalahari and Cape Town

We teamed up with Dr. Karen Ross, recognized by National Geographic as the "champion of the Okavango" to develop what she considers is the ideal itinerary for a visit to this part of the world.  We offer this small group tour once a year (May).   Our May 2022 trip sold out within three weeks of being published, and we've recently published our May 2023 trip.  Contact us now to learn more about our May 2023 trip. 




Antarctica:  The "Grand Tour" (21 days) or the "Peninsula Explorer" (13 days) 

With the expert help of Jane Wilson, a 25 year Antarctica research and tourism veteran, we have identified two trips that are best suited to the kinds of people who were thrilled by their Galapagos adventure:  Inquisitive, active and wanting to get the most out of their time in such remote destinations.   Book now for savings on the Jan/Feb 2023 trip.


If you're wavering about visiting the Galapagos on the Samba with CNH, just say YES! We got used to getting up very early after being rewarded with the pre-dawn quiet, spectacular sunrises, and stirring creatures. Every aspect of the trip was seamless, from Heather's pre-trip information and responsiveness to the Samba's guide and crew to the pre- and post-land tours in Quito and Puerto Ayora. So glad we choose the intimacy of the Samba over a larger boat. Worth every dollar for the daily experiences that fed my soul.   July 2019

Patti Reiser


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