Okavango, Victoria Falls, Kalahari and Cape Town

We teamed up with Dr. Karen Ross, recognized by National Geographic as the "Champion of the Okavango" to develop and lead what she considers is the ideal itinerary for a visit to this part of the world.  We offer this small group tour once, sometimes twice a year.   These trips usuallly sell out quickly after being published.  

These trips usuallly sell out quickly after being published (as was the case again for our 2024 trip).  The 2025 trip itinerary with an indicative price can be found on the trip's dedicated page (see navigation bar above).  We'll be publishing the final details and opening it up for bookings later this.   You may want to sign up here to be notified on the day it goes public.  




Antarctica:  The "Grand Tour" (21 days) or the "Peninsula Explorer" (13 days)... or Journey to the Antarctic Circle

We can help you explore various options available for visiting Antarctica, and find one that is most suited to your travel style, budget, expectations.  

Or join our "Journey to the Antarctic Circle" group departure (21 Feb - 5 Mar 2026) benefits from a discount of nearly 20% from the published rate.  You'll also benefit from your own CNH Tours dedicated tour leader, whose job it will be to ensure your trip goes as swimmingly as possible.  You can find all the details here. 


Provence Discovery:  14 guest, 15 days, 3 luxury villas

20 Sep - 4 Oct 2025.   CNH Tours founder Marc Patry lived in Provence and has long dreamed of assembling the elements of a trip that would have guests develop a good understanding of what this beautiful part of the world is all about.  Vineyards, roman archaeological sites, colourful village markets, gentle hikes, lavender and olives, chef-at-home meals, heated pools, beautiful medieval perched villages... there's so much to experience.  Click here for all the details. 

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Without question the trip of a lifetime. We will be forever grateful to Morris (our naturalist guide) and to Captain Jose, Ricardo, Arnie, Freddy, Alfredo and Cifredo (or wonderful crew) for opening our eyes, our minds . . . and our hearts to the most beautiful, remarkable place on our planet.

Active Galapagos on the Samba, early June 2019

Steve Vaskov
Maryland, USA


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