Okavango, Victoria Falls, Kalahari and Cape Town

We teamed up with Dr. Karen Ross, recognized by National Geographic as the "Champion of the Okavango" to develop and lead what she considers is the ideal itinerary for a visit to this part of the world.  We offer this small group tour once, sometimes twice a year.   These trips usuallly sell out quickly after being published.  

These trips usuallly sell out quickly after being published (as was the case again for our 2024 trip).  The 2025 trip itinerary with an indicative price can be found on the trip's dedicated page (see navigation bar above).  We'll be publishing the final details and opening it up for bookings later this.   You may want to sign up here to be notified on the day it goes public.  




Antarctica:  The "Grand Tour" (21 days) or the "Peninsula Explorer" (13 days), Fly In / Fly Out - and more options

With the expert help of Kevin Sampson, an 18-year Antarctica tourism veteran, you can start exploring various options available to you for visiting Antarctica, and find one that is most suited to your travel style, budget, expectations.  Kevin is your personal Antarctica concierge / travel advisor, putting his experience and knowledge of the rapidly evolving industry at your service.

How best to ensure you book on the right ship, on the right itinerary, and at the right time of year that will best help you make this another trip of a lifetime?


We had a wonderful time in the Galapagos so thank you so much for all of your assistance in organising it! Maja was a fantastic guide - we never felt rushed and really felt very happy with every visit we did.

Thanks once again - we look forward to recommending your services to other would be Ecuadorian adventurers!


Beth Keddie


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