Trip Vision

Some places on Earth are of such outstanding natural and cultural significance that the countries of the world have come together to identify and help conserve them.  To do this, they created the World Heritage Convention - a tool that encourages countries to put forth, for the benefit of present and future generations, sites that are of global value. 

This trip will focus on such World Heritage sites in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. 

Because these places are far away and difficult to access, you will likely not be returning anytime soon.  You’ll want to maximize your chances of being exposed to the best of what the region offers, both in terms of wildlife, and in terms of the historical/cultural context.     You’ll be spending a good part of your days outside, on small boats / safari type vehicles or on light to moderate walks in the hills.   You’ll witness a variety of ecosystems and their wildlife.   We feel that at the end of a fascinating, but perhaps a bit tiring day, you’ll appreciate comfortable accommodations. 

To this end, we’ve ensured that you’ll not only be seeing some of the world’s most outstanding places, but that you’ll be able to unwind in some of the most comfortable lodges / camps on offer.    On top of all that, the small group environment will be led by a people having an intimate familiarity with the region.   This will ensure that you’ll have the best possible understanding of how the ecosystems you’re visiting are being conserved in light the challenges they face.