Arranging my own independent trip


Selecting the right Galapagos cruise may seem like a game of chance…

If you are like most of the 80,000 lucky people will embark on a Galapagos cruise this year, you are probably going to do this just once.  You've probably been keeping your eyes open and have noticed several ads in travel magazines, on-line and in the travel section of your newspaper.  A search on the internet reveals dozens of operators offering cruises to Galapagos.  Doing a little research, you'll find that there are over 60 ships of all shapes, sizes and qualities that ply the Galapagos waters, that each seems to follow a different itinerary, for different lengths of time, visiting different islands, and that you must be accompanied by one of over 350 Park certified naturalist guides at all times.  Further research reveals a wide range of prices, from as low as US$2,300 to as high as US$9,500 for an 8 day cruise, while some include the flight from the continent and/or the Park entrance fee, others don't.  And this is only the beginning…   By the looks of things, selecting a cruise in the Galapagos without in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry is very much a gamble.

CNH Tours wants to stack the odds in your favour…

We would like to put our knowledge and experience at your service. Unlike so many other tour operators, CNH Tours focuses exclusively on Galapagos, and we actually lived on the islands for four years, having worked with the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Galapagos National Park Service (one of us is now on the board of the Darwin Foundation and on the board of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association). Over the years, we've helped more than 3,000 people arrange their ideal trip based on their particular needs, steering clear of ships with questionable reputations, and directing them towards itineraries that met their interests (e.g birders, water lovers, physical activity enthusiasts, younger crowds, family friendly cruises, generalists).    We put our personal knowledge to your service.

Let CNH Tours do the gambling…

Go ahead and contact us for advice.  Our email is: Go ahead and ask us a dozen, or several dozens of questions.  We'll be happy to answer, to provide insights, to tell you about ships, guides, itineraries, the pros and cons of different seasons in Galapagos, prices…  And in the end, you are free to book your cruise with whomever you please.


Hola Heather!  Just to let you know that everything about our trip & time on the Samba (May 6-13) was better than perfect. First up, the roses in our hotel rooms was a lovely welcome surprise and everything went swimmngly well. Heather, the whole experience was second to none and your attention to detail really paid off. Thank you, & muchas gracias for your very big part in making this the trip of a lifetime. I am so glad I picked up on your name on Tripadvisor and in relation to the Samba. I wouldn't have wanted to be on a different boat that's for sure, she was beautiful. I also must praise the crew who were simply amazing. I did not expect or want to be spoilt, but we were, by every crew member.

Catherine G


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