Arranging a private charter: Cruise and international flight

If you prefer travelling with your own group (particularly in this time of COVID-19) we can help you make all the arrangements for a fully private trip.  We work in partnership with a trusted private jet charter company and can ensure a safe door-to-door trip departing from any major city in North America.  

Why Arrange a Private Charter?

By booking the entire ship, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Travel within your own "bubble", reducing disease transmission risks in times of COVID-19. 
  • Have a say in how your trip will be designed.
  • Make special requests (e.g. on-board special celebrations, include scuba opportunities, select your own naturalist guide).

What Value Added Does CNH Tours Provide?

Each member of the CNH Tours team has lived in and worked in Galapagos for several years.  We maintain an extensive network of contacts there. Should you wish to explore the option of organizing a private trip, we would become your personal Galapagos concierge, putting our intimate knowledge of the islands, and our resources in place there, to your service. We would:

  • Be in constant email and telephone communication, your questions would be welcome at all times
  • Make all arrangements for your international air travel by private jet
  • Ensure you have the services of a top quality naturalist guide
  • Discuss a variety of itinerary choices with you, helping identify your preferred option.
  • Suggest and help arrange safe pre and post tour extensions on the mainland, hotels, transfers etc...
  • Provide rapid feedback on any matter related to the cruise and to possible extensions.
  • Help accommodate any other special requests, such as arranging for special celebrations on board.

How Much Lead Time is Necessary to Organize a Private Trip?

Due to COVID, tourism numbers are only a fraction of what they once were.  Most ships have availabilities in the short term and are offering excellent prices.  Exceptionally, a private trip can be planned with just 2 weeks' notice during this time. 

Why Travel Now? 

The Galapagos National Park was closed for several months following the COVID-19 outbreak.  It reopened in July.   Only 38 visitors travelled to the islands that month.  While the number of visitors has been growing since then, they remain only a small fraction of what they were prior to COVID-19, and most visitors are not embarking on a ship. 

Ship owners are understandably eager to start operations and are keen on receiving guests.  They also recognize the importance of sanitation and have undertaken exhaustive measures to reduce the risk of on-board COVID-19 transmission, with their crew being regularly tested.  

Those embarking on an expedition cruise in the Galapagos in the coming months will be among a very small number of people privileged to sail the archipelago just about alone - as Charles Darwin did in 1835.   While expedition ship itineraries in Galapagos are well-designed to ensure a quality visitor experience, it is not unusual during regular times to be anchored at a visitor site with 2 or 3 other vessels at the same time.  In the coming months, the chances are that yours will be the only vessel anchored in these remote places, and your group might be the only one exploring the trails and snorkeling in the waters.  

How Many Guests do Ships Accommodate? 

There are over 60 expedition ships in Galapagos and the vast majority carry between 16 and 20 guests.  The smallest of the high end ships carries 12 guests.   

Is it Safe to Travel During COVID Times?

All travel comes with a variety of risks - many of which we do not expect to be exposed when staying at home.  COVID-19 presents yet another such risk one has to consider when deciding on taking a trip.  While no guarantees can be made that there will be no chance of contracting COVID-19 during your trip, we can assure our guests that all service providers involved in a private trip to Galapagos will be strictly applying recommended sanitary protocols.   Ask us for further details. 

Over the years, we have come to understand that different people have different levels of risk aversion.  In the end, it is the responsibility of all travelers, along with the guardians of those under the age of 18, to understand risks and to determine whether or not they are comfortable with them.  

Price:  What is a Ball Park Figure? 

The price for a private jet service from a North American city to Galapagos, combined with chartering a private ship in Galapagos for an 8 day cruise will depend on:

  • The number of guests travelling
  • The city from which you would be departing / returning to
  • The comfort level of the ship you choose.

A sample price, for a group of 15, flying from Miami, and chartering a luxury ship for 8 days would be in the US$15,00 - $17,000 / person range, all inclusive.  

Interested?  Get in Touch.

Should you be interested in arranging your own private trip, click here and contact us to start working on details, or just to ask a few more questions.


I had an absolutely wonderful time, with the exception of the cruise went too fast and there was no space available for me to stay on a second week!!

Susan Witzel
Arlington VA, USA


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