Arranging your own private charter

More and more people are turning to CNH Tours to help them design and operate their own private Galapagos charter. If you can assemble a group of 8-100 people for a Galapagos cruise, you too can enjoy the benefits of booking your own private charter on a variety of ships of your choice.

Why Arrange a Private Charter?

By booking the entire ship, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Cruise with a group of people of your choosing.
  • Be in charge of designing your trip.
  • Make special requests (e.g. on-board special celebrations, include scuba opportunities, select your own naturalist guide).

Types of Private Charters:

  • Family / Friend reunions
  • Educational (high school / university field course)
  • Professional Association conferences
  • Scuba
  • Fund-raising charter for your cause
  • College graduation charter
  • March break
  • Special interest of your choice (photography)

What Value Added Does CNH Tours Provide?

CNH Tours is led by Heather Blenkiron. She lived and worked in Galapagos for 4 years and maintains an extensive network of contacts there. Should you wish to explore the option of organizing a private charter, she would become YOUR personal Galapagos cruise consultant, putting her intimate knowledge of the islands, and her resources in place there, to your service. She would:

  • Be in constant email and telephone communication, your questions would be welcome at all times
  • Help select your naturalist guide
  • Discuss a variety of itinerary choices with you, helping identify your preferred option.
  • Suggest and help arrange pre and post tour extensions on the mainland, hotels, transfers etc...
  • Provide rapid feedback on any matter related to the cruise and to possible extensions.
  • Help accommodate any other special requests, such as arranging for special celebrations on board.

How Much Lead Time is Necessary to Charter A Ship?

As a rule of thumb, lead times for booking a charter can 12-16 months, and up to 20-24 months, or more for Christmas / Easter / March break bookings.

Interested in Further Discussing the Matter?

Should you be interested in arranging your own private charter, click here and contact us to start working on details, or just to ask a few more questions.


All I want to say is that EVERYTHING was PERFECT! Honestly, nothing could have been better!! At the hotel the people, the pick-ups at the airport, the hotel,the rooms - simply perfect.   Our guide, Angelika, was amazing - her knowledge of everything was astonishing. The crew on the boat was terrific.  The only 'problem' I have now is: I want to go again !!!   Thank you very, very much for your role in making this such a fantastic adventure.


Toronto.  On the Tip Top II in December


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