Trips for those that like to linger

Our Natural History Workshops were originally conceived in response to the feeling that, for so many people, a Galapagos expedition cruise would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  For them, it would be important to maximize their time among the islands, and to expose both their senses and their minds to what this unique place was all about.  It would be equally important that they not be rushed through their visit, to take their time, to soak in the ambiance, to develop a sense of place. 

The workshops are perfect for natural history enthusiasts (and amateur photographers). 

If you are looking for a complete Galapagos immersion, stimulating both your senses and your mind, then this trip is for you. 

Specifically, in designing these trips, we focus on the following elements:

  1. Maximum exposure: Our Workshops provide an in-depth orientation to the island's animals, animal behavior, ecology, geology, and evolution beyond the scope of most vacation–oriented tours. Our site visits are slow-paced, allowing you to spend more time observing, feeling and taking in your surroundings.  We start our days at, or soon after sunrise, when wildlife is most active and conditions are best for photography.  We often linger ashore until sunset for the same reason.

  2. More days at sea: We spend a longer time in the islands than most trips. With at least 11 days on board you’ll experience a greater diversity of ecosystems, both above and below the sea –and be assured of a maximum viewing opportunity of the significant plant and animal species. We include 3 days in the volcanically-active western islands, where we whale-watch, see penguins, flightless cormorants, and giant tortoises in the wild. For maximum enjoyment and wildlife viewing opportunities, we recommend our 15 day “Grand Tour” program, incorporating an additional 4 days at key central islands.

  3. Two naturalist guides: Exceptionally for a 16-passenger vessel (regulations call for one naturalist guide / 16 guests - which is what most ships provide), we have two carefully chosen certified naturalist guides on board.

  4. Natural history component: Beyond their usual roles, our naturalist guides prepare and continuously update a series of interesting presentations on natural history aspects of the islands, incorporating most recent findings and events, ensuring that, beyond the wow factor, your trip will be a rich learning experience. 


FITNESS LEVEL:  You should be in decent physical condition, able to get in and out of small boats, to engage in slow paced hikes (with frequent stops) of up to 2 miles (3.2kms) on trails that are at times uneven and rocky.  There will be many snorkeling opportunities (always optional, but considered one of the highlights of a Galapagos visit).  All activities are optional of course.

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This is to thank you again for the wonderful trip. Uli and I have decided that this was the best holiday we have ever had, and we will have wonderful memories of Galapagos for the rest of our lives...

Birgit and Uli Riede


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