BBC Galapagos video now on-line!

The BBC's standard-setting movie on Galapagos can now be seen on-line, free of charge (though I still recommend you try to see it on a big screen!).   I was still living in Galapagos when they started production, but it took them 3-4 years to complete it.   It's very well done, and covers not only the typical animal shots (all very well done), but also includes an important section on the conservation challenges.  It even covers the famous goat eradication project (my husband was in charge of fundraising for that $8 million dollar project).

A great introduction to those who haven't yet been (but don't forget, the wonderful shots took years of patience to capture - this is not done on a 1 week cruise...) and a great opportunity to reminisce for those who've been.

See the first part here.