Galapagos Coastal Clean-up Operations Underway

Close to 29 thousand kilograms of rubbish were collected from coastal and offshore of San Cristobal Island during eight days of work done by artisanal fishermen from this island.  The rubbish collection was organized as an alternative income source for fishermen affected by the closing of the sea cucumber fishery in 2010.

57 fishermen distributed among 18 small and medium sized boats participated in the clean up.

The Galapagos National Park announced that another group of fishermen is setting off today on a second round of cleaning activities in a different part of the Galapagos.   This activity will end in eight days, after which Galapagos National Park staff will carry out inspections, to certify that work has been performed to high standard.

Most of the rubbish collected comes from sources as far away as Chile and Peru.  It is carried up by ocean currents that sweep past Galapagos.