"Galapagos Quality" Labeling effort renewed

CNH Tours has been aware of the nascent effort in Galapagos to promote the "Galapagos Quality" label, which would guarantee high quality service while at the same time ensuring the conservation of the Galapagos Environment.  Some of our old colleagues from the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Galapagos National Park Service are closely involved in trying to set up this new label (including our Galapagos CNH Tours representative, Ivonne Torres).

The project started in reaction to outside organizations arriving in Galapagos in an effort to impose their own labeling processes there.  These were considered mal-adapted to the reality of the islands, and sparked an interest in developing more suitable, locally developed standards.

The effort is still in its infancy, but it is gaining traction.  CNH Tours is following its progress closely - we believe that it's a great idea that needs nurturing and perhaps a little outside guidance as well.   We are glad to note that after a 9 month hiatus, it is up and running again.


October, 2010

After a break of several months, the Galapagos Tourism Quality Pilot Project has been re-activated thanks to financial support obtained from new donors.

Activities came to a halt at the beginning of the year because the main source of resources, the "Sustainable Development Project for Productive Sectors in Galapagos" came to an end.

There is now a new member in the project team: The World Wildlife Fund. Their support, received through the Chamber of Tourism for Galapagos, has enabled the project to re-launch activities. Since September, an evaluation of progress to date has taken place, so that the stage can be set for implementing the necessary next steps.

The Quality Pilot is just that - a pilot, an experimental process from which a good deal has been learned.  This learning process has demanded periodical revisions and adjustments. The experience achieved through this learning process will guarantee its successful reactivation.

It is the goal of the project team to contact our members shortly to start again with more eagerness and confidence. Galapagos needs this initiative. Together, Galapagos tourism business and the project team can will boost good tourism practices that will consolidate the quality of overall service while ensuring that the environment that sustains us is protected, because in Galapagos quality and environment have only one connotation: to satisfy visitors so that they will keep considering these islands as one of the most favoured tourism destination in the world.


For more information on the project, contact:  coordinadorcalidad@capturgal.org.ec