Jet Fuel Subsidy to End - Air tickets prices to increase

CNH Tours has just learned that the government of Ecuador announced the end of jet fuel subsidies last Saturday, 26th November.  This is to be applied as of January 1st, 2012 and will result in a US$90 million savings for the government.   Information is not yet complete, but the news we are receiving is that flight tickets to Galapagos may go up by as much as 20% in the new year.    This would result in an increase of approximately US$80.     Those people who have already paid for their Galapagos vacation may be required to cover this difference - it all depends on how the increase will be applied (e.g. new bookings only, or to all new and existing bookings).  CNH Tours imagines (and hopes!)  that given the relatively high administrative overhead involved in trying to get an additional $80 from existing paid bookings, that this increase would hopefully only apply to new ones.

The two main airlines flying into Galapagos, TAME and Aerogal, have not posted any information in this regard on their websites.

CNH Tours lived in Galapagos from 1998-2002 - and during that time, air tickets from Quito cost a little over US$400 return.  Today, they cost about $440.  A 20% increase would lead to a ticket costing as much as $528.

More info will be posted here as details come available.


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