Quito celebrations in full swing

Residents of Quito celebrate the 477th anniversary of its founding (in 1534) on December 6th by holding the "Fiestas de Quito".

People enter the street, dance and have fun, huge display of fireworks is put on show and all the squares and venues of Quito are packed with shows organised in remembrance of the event. There are dancers, musicians and merriment all around and the festivities are no less than a carnival.  The celebrations typically start as much as a week before the 6th.

Quito fiesta

The Marathon de Ultimas Noticias, a 10km race, is staged each year and the full speed go-cart competition down the notoriously steep Olmedo Street continues to ignite friendly rivalry amongst kids in the city.
Many businesses are likely to be closed on Monday, December 5th, and Tuesday December 6th.
For more info (in Spanish) see:  www.fiestaquito.com
Thanks to volunteeringecuador.info, and wikipedia for this information.