CNH Tours Tips off National Park Service over Illegal commercial “tourism overflights”

CNH Tours learned late last week, while looking for information for clients, that the EMETEBE airline company, which provides service between the three main towns in Galapagos, was offering "touristic overflights of Galapagos" on its website.  Knowing full well that such overflights were strictly regulated in Galapagos, to ensure that wildlife was as least disturbed as possible by human activities, CNH Tours informed one of our former colleagues, now a senior manager at the National Park Service.   Today, we learned that the Park was taken by surprise over this illegal activity, and will be undertaking the necessary measures to ensure that this practice is halted.   Aerial tourism in Galapagos is not authorized.

CNH Tours commends the National Park Service for its swift action.


Below - typical EMETEBE plane (they have 2 in operation like this).