Price Increase on Flights to Galapagos

TAME (Transportes Aereos Militares del Ecuador - Ecuadorian Military Air Transport), one of the main commercial airlines to Galapagos, announced yesterday a hike in ticket costs to Galapagos, effective …. 1 week ago!   Prices will go up by about 10%.   A regular round trip ticket to Galapagos from Quito will now cost US$463, as opposed to the previous $425.   Prices are a bit less for travel from Guayaquil (US$ 438) and a bit less still for travel during the low season (May 1st to June 14th / September 15th to October 31st).   It is likely, though CNH Tours cannot confirm at this point, that the other airlines flying to Galapagos (LAN, Aerogal) will apply the same fare increases.

Nobody likes a price increase, but to be honest, the previous prices had hardly changed in the past 10 years.