Power outages in San Cristobal

The main diesel electrical power plan at San Cristobal Island broke down yesterday, due to damage caused by an unplanned outage.  This has led to a reduction in its generating capacity to a maximum of 1,500 kilowatts while island-wide demand is at about 1,800 kilowatts.

Elecgalapagos, the electrical utilities company, has been forced to make energy rationing in several areas of the island. 

Mr. José Moscoso, the CEO for Elecgalapagos, said that arrangements are being made to repair the failed generator as soon as possible.  Spare parts were to be imported from the continent to do so.  He called on the public to reduce electricity consumption so as to reduce the need for rationing of electricity.   This situation is expected to last for a few days while spare parts are flown in and the generator repaired.

Visitors to San Cristobal island in the next few days may end up "in the dark".