Tainted alcoholic drinks found on Galapagos store shelves

After several cases of methanol poisoning were detected by health officials in the past 2 weeks, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health has ordered a recall of several different brands of wines and hard liquors.  After analysis, the Ministry detected small amounts of the toxic methanol in the Vino San Francisco - a wine produced in Ecuador and predominantly sold in smaller "mom & pop" stores.  Visitors to Galapagos in the coming weeks should be vigilant, purchasing any alcool in the larger markets, and making enquiries with the clerks.    Though no-body was reported to have died, some people were hospitalized for treatment.

Other alcoholic beverages flagged by the Ministry include:  Israel Durazno wines, Osadía wine, Durazno Especial, Silver label Cuban Rhum, Brown label Cuban Rhum,  Palo Viejo rhum, Ivanoff Vodka Ivanoff, Lima Limero, Lima Limón, Tentador frutilla wine, Roblecito liqueur, Tentador Durazno (peach) wine, Lima Limón Fiesta (Papelito), San Roque Moscatel wine, Brandy Las Tres Marías, Z-Uno.