Beware the "good" deal...

Yesterday, Andando Tours, the owners of two higher end ships in the Galapagos, sent the message below to the many agents through which it sells its cruises.

Published rate policy

Dear colleagues and friends,

During the past few months we have had several issues with various agencies offering our yachts to passengers at rates below our published retail rates.

In order to avoid variations in the rates, as of today Andando Tours will not honor bookings on our yachts offered to potential passengers at prices lower than our established retail rates.

This is a measure that we are obligated to take to prevent unfair competition among our strategic partners.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you great success with your sales!

Best regards,

Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises
Galapagos & Andes

10 January 2016

CNH Tours has always advertised cruise prices at the rate posted by the ship owners. We have lost some business to unscrupulous competitors, but we have always maintained excellent relations with the ship owners - the people with whom the cruise buck stops at the end of the day.  As a result, we get their full attention and support when needing any type of additional assistance to resolve possible problems or have special requests considered.  

We compete on the basis of our intimate knowledge of the islands (having lived there for 4 years), our great relationships built over the years with the cruise ship community, and on our unmatched personalized service provided to you before, during, and after trip.  We do not compete by engaging in a race to the bottom with questionable travel agencies.   This policy has led to our constantly growing reputation on travelers forums and we believe that this is the reason behind the regular growth of our small business over the past 16 years.