Christmas 2017 comes early...

Our two 2017 Christmas Active Galapagos trips on the Samba sold out a while back already, to the frustration of many people.  In an effort to provide a similar "Active Galapagos" experience, we've secured the Beagle for an additional Active Galapagos trip from the 17th - 29th December 2017 (NW itinerary). 

The Beagle is similar to the Samba in terms of design and feel - if only a little more spacious, with more deck space.  It is owned by old friends, Agusto and Georgina Cruz and managed by their son Sebastian.  Agusto's brother Felipe was my colleague when I worked in Galapagos, and his other brother, Eliecer, is our friend the Governor of the Province of Galapagos.   For more information on the Beagle, you can see its e-brochure here.

The Beagle is slightly more expensive than the Samba.  The Christmas season price for the 13 day Active Galapagos itinerary is US$5,665.  For those available only for the cruise, the price is $5,520 (3 nights hotel, domestic flight, transfers, 7 night cruise). 

Contact us for more details.