Motivation by email

We all have to find ways of making a living, of paying the bills.   So, I suppose that securing an income is the most basic of motivations when going to the office in the morning.  But we have the great fortune of finding a very big part of our motivation through emails we receive from guests having just returned from a trip to the islands.  Here are 2 emails I received from guests having just completed our "Dolphin" Active Galapagos trip:

Hi Heather, 

We are in Peru now getting ready to go on our Sacred Valley tour, but I wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had on our Galapagos tour. We even saw a waved albatross! I was scared to snorkel, but I did it, holding onto Bob, and I'm so glad I did. It was spectacular. I got so excited when we saw an octopus that I forgot and let go of Bob. Luis (the guide) was great, the food was great, and our fellow travelers were great. Boat, captain and crew were wonderful too. We'll write more details when we get home.
Thanks for planning such a fantastic trip for us.
Anne & Bob
Hi Heather,

Just got back from the Galapagos and wanted to let you know what an awesome trip it was.  Right from the beginning, everything went like clockwork, from Israel meeting us in Quito on the 22nd of Jan to Juan Manuel dropping us off at the airport on the 4th.  The only glitch was Diego met us in Quito to drive us back to the Mansion on the 4th when we had mentioned to you that we wouldn't be going back due to our flight time departure at midnight.  But he was not upset so hopefully, neither was the Mansion.

Anyway, it was a fabulous trip.  Awesome boat, awesome crew, awesome guide, awesome nature, awesome other guests.  Can't say enough wonderful things.  Luis was was Juan was Rafael for the
Otavalo trip.  Wow...thank you so much.  Will be singing the praises of the Samba, believe me, to all my friends.  We are even thinking of returning in a couple of years to do the other route.  We'll see.  Can't wait to look at all the pictures we took.

Thanks again.

(Burlington, Ontario)
It's a great way to start your day at the office.  We look forward to receiving YOUR emails in the days/months and years ahead!