"One of the best ships in Galapagos" says Darwin Director

The owners of the Samba (a Galapagos family) posted a photo of their ship on Facebook yesterday - and who else but the Charles Darwin Research Station director (and former Galapagos National Park director), Arturo Izurieta, commented, saying: 

"Ese barco, su tripulación, y sus dueños lo hacen uno de los mejores barcos acogedores de Galápagos. Lo recomiendo mil veces y a ojo cerrado!"

Or, translated: "This ship, with its crew and its owners, make it one of the best, and most welcoming in Galapagos.  I recommend it a thousand times, even with my eyes closed!"

A review of TripAdvisor comments in the Galapagos Forum there will corroborate the Director's claim.

CNH Tours has been chartering the Samba for over 12 years as part of its 13 day "Active Galapagos" trip.  We started with 2 charters, and we are just signing up for 22, perhaps 24 in 2018.  The ship is magnificently managed - making for a very positive attitude amongst the crew, a very well maintained ship, wonderful cuisine and excellent guiding. 

It may be that the Station (and former Park) director is also referring to the fact that the Samba owners provide a free cruise to members of the Galapagos community every year, as part of its "giving back" efforts, or that they invite promising students aboard for free if they have an unsold berth.  This kind of community relations goes a long way in engaging local community support for conservation.

The Samba is not a "luxury" ship in terms of lavish decor and expansive cabins, but it is definitely "luxury" in terms of the Galapagos experience it provides.