"Encore!" More Active Galapagos charters in early 2017

We select the dates for our Active Galapagos charters a full 14 - 26 months ahead of time.  You will note that we just published our 2018 charter dates (24 trips).   This means that our charter dates for February and March 2017 were selected back in September 2015.  Little did we know back then that we would be turning so many people down now - as we get asked if there is any space in any of Jan - March 2017 charters.  

We asked the Samba - and apparently, they had three open sailings in February - March - so we've added three "ENCORE" Active Galapagos trips.  See our Active Tours / Dates & Details page.  These will benefit from top naturalist guides, as usual, and the full 13 day Active Galapagos itinerary (or any part of it you wish to join). 

We look forward to helping you plan a wonderful Galapagos adventure.