Lenin asserts himself in Ecuador

During our time living in Galapagos, we were always surprised by the politically charged names of some of our colleagues - clearly an indication of their parents' political inclinations...  Stalin, Lenin... Washington, Jefferson... but parental aspirations don't necessarily impact on their children.  Lenin Moreno was elected president earlier this year.  Prior to that, he had been the right hand man of the previous president, the very charismatic and authoritarian Rafael Correa.   Many assumed that Moreno would be Correa's puppet while he sat out a mandatory break from serving as president, so that he could return later (à la Putin-Medvedev) - but no sooner was he installed that he expressed his own style, to the frustration of Correa.  The Economist magazine has a good piece on the new president in its most recent edition.  Click here to read it.