Original 1960 UN report on establishing a research station in Galapagos

Though the mission to Galapagos took place in 1957, Dr. Bowman's 65 page report was not published until 1960.  His mission: 


  1. Determine the practicality of establishing a scientific research station in the Galapagos islands,
  2. Locate a possible site for the research station,
  3. Explore with Ecuadorian authorities the possibility of setting aside one or more islands as an international wildlife reserve
  4. Check on the distribution and relative abundance of certain"vanishing" species; and
  5. Obtain adequate photographic documentation of the islands and the wildlife for publicity purposes.

The "snapshot in time" report provides a fascinating look at all the thinking and the work that led up to the decision to create the Charles Darwin Research Station and who was involved (the USA was leading a good part of that effort).   

It's great reading for any amateur historian preparing a trip to the islands.  The original report, written with a typewriter, is not well preserved digitally.  CNH Tours has taken the initiative to have it completely transcribed, rendering it much more pleasant to read.   Click here to access the report.