More cargo for the fishes

Times are going to be a bit tougher for Galapagos residents again.   The cargo ship Bartolomé, which does the back and forth between the continent and the islands, bringing every day supplies, food and other goods from the continent, had an accident today as it was leaving the major coastal city of Guayaquil.  By the look of things, it will likely be out of service for a while, if not forever (see picture below).   Galapagos cargo ships seemed to work under an evil spell, as such accidents are frequent.  This is the first in 2-3 years, but at that time, three ships in a 2 year period were wrecked.  

This will likely have a measurable impact on the availability and price of supplies in the islands, as critical imports may be more likely flown in for a while.   


 The Bartolomé appears to be in a spot of trouble.  Picture from the FB post of Alfredo Davila Carvajal.