Don't touch the cucumbers

Thanks to "El Telegrafo" daily paper in Ecuador and Google Translate for the following:

Three individuals were arrested on the island of San Cristóbal when they transported 1,934 sea cucumbers in a boat, according to the Interior Ministry on Twitter.

The operation was carried out last Friday with the participation of personnel from the Judicial Police, the Environmental Protection Unit and the Galapagos National Park.

The Ministry of the Interior showed in its Twitter account the evidence found in this case in which, according to the entity, it was possible to disrupt an organization had been operating for some time.

A fishing boat, a car, two cell phones and the cargo of sea cucumbers were seized as evidence.

This is an alleged offense against wild flora and fauna (trafficking of animals in danger of extinction). (I)

The law:  Article 247
The person who hunts, fishes, catches, collects, extracts, has, transports, traffics, benefits, exchanges or markets specimens or their parts ... of threatened, endangered and migratory species - will be punished with imprisonment of one to three years.