Update on Ecuadorian national politics

There is a referendum in Ecuador today - Ecuadorians are being asked their opinions on seven particular issues - one of them asks if they are OK with a proposed change in the constitution that would set term limits for presidents.    If they vote yes, the former president, charismatic (and leaning towards strongman) Correa would be barred from future attempts at claiming the presidency - he has already held the post for 2 terms.  

It's an interesting story.  It is his former vice-president and assumed lap dog, Lenin Moreno, who as the current president,  that is pushing for the measure.  Correa was trying to pull a Putin / Medvedev trick, by stepping down from the presidency for one term, having Moreno act as a place holder for a term.    But no sooner was Moreno occupying Carondelet (the presidential palace) that he began affirming himself as his own man.    

If Ecuadoreans vote "YES" to term limits, that should spell the end of Correa.  But then again, stranger things have happened.   For a better analysis (and better writing!), you may wish to consult this week's The Economist article on the subject by clicking here