Haugan Cruises in Ottawa

Heather and I lead a lonely life - working from our home office.  We sometimes don't get out of the house for days, and we very rarely meet our guests, the vast majority of which are not from Ottawa.  Today we felt very fortunate to have had the visit of Roberto Caceres, Market Supervisor, and of Jose Lopez, Account Manager for Haugan Cruises.  Haugan runs three high end ships in Galapagos (Petrel, Ocean Spray and the soon to be in service Camila).  The first two are 16 passenger luxury catamarans, while the is a similar sized and class trimaran, the only one in Galapagos.  Roberto and Jose also told us about their jungle lodge - La Selva Lodge, their hotel in Galapagos (Red Mangrove) and of the variety of services their company can provide. 

I had met Roberto on my last visit to Galapagos in November, and Heather's contact at Haugan had been Jose for several months - it was very nice to have two Quito colleagues in our home office for a couple of of hours.  It allowed us to catch up on things Galapagos and Ecuador, share news and update each other on the latest developments related to Galapagos tourism.  

After a cup of tea and a nice chat, Jose and Roberto left us and headed off to Toronto to continue their outreach work.  

From left to right, Jose, Marc, Heather and Roberto in Heather's office