Postponed (again): Travel medical insurance requirement

We just heard from one of the ship owners that the president of Ecuador has approved the postponement of the requirement to show proof of travel medical insurance upon arriving in Ecuador.  

This requirement was first approved last year and had been set to be applied as of early this year (see our 29 November 2017 news item).   That start date was postponed to 1 May 2018.  We've been telling all of our guests for several months now to ensure they had proof of medical insurance if they were arriving from that date onward.

Well, it seems the new start date is now 22 July 2018.   There appears to be a degree of pressure on the part of the Ecuadorian tourism industry to trash this requirement altogether.   I certainly anticipate that it would result in long wait times at the airport on arrival, as immigration officials try to make sense of all types of papers (most likely not written in Spanish) presented to them as proof of insurance.   

More to follow, no doubt.