Marine puppies... or sea lions?

Every once in a while we like to post some of the comments we get from our returning guests as a news item.  We're always so pleased to received these comments - they make us feel as though we're missing out on all the fun!   Here's one from Rebecca Knowles (from Viriginia, USA) who just got back from their trip last week.    Typically we use on the the "quotable comments" section, but Rebecca's review deserves to be published at length:

Comments about the crew
We loved the crew! Captain Jose was extra special! Our daughter Laura joined us at the last minute. She speaks Spanish and could talk to the crew reasonably well. They enjoyed that, as did she. Enrique and Ricardo were very helpful as we got in and out of the pangas. Enrique is so funny! Freddy kept the ship working--no issues at all. Chef Angel was a miracle worker in that tiny kitchen. And Roberto was a superman--serving our meals and keeping our rooms tidy.
Comments for / about the naturalist guide
Please share with us any positive comments, or constructive criticism on the guide's performance. (optional)
He was wonderful! He was great for our group. He's very smart, with a wide range of knowledge that he shares very well--he makes what he know accessible and understandable. I loved his presentations! And he was helpful with follow up questions.
Comments on off-ship excursions
Please share with us any positive comments, or constructive criticism on the off ship excursions (optional)
Snorkeling ws amazing! Dolphins one day, sea turtles another. Sea lions played with our daughter then with us in Marchena. You could feel them asking you to play! Loved the hikes--the sea birds everywhere were great. The marine iguanas on Fernandina were incredible. We saw at least 19 giant tortoises on Isabela-one snapped at our guide's toe! The kayaking was great too. There are not enough superlatives to do this justice!
Quotable comments on your trip?
After each excursion, we would say--how can you top that? Then they did! Snorkeling with the dolphin pod and snorkeling surrounded by sea turtles--it was indescribable! We snorkeled on Marchena with baby sea lions--they were so close and so curious! One followed us back to shore wondering why we had to leave! The marine iguanas were incredible, as were the giant tortoises. Our guide gave us an incredible understanding of the uniqueness, fragility, and interdependence of the animals and plants in the entire ecosystem. Truly the trip of a lifetime! And CNH--thank you for making it such a smooth trip. You took care of all the details--no surprises. And your respect for the Galapagos was evident from your website and was borne out by the experience we had on the Samba. This is one of the most special places on earth--thank you for facilitating our chance to experience it.

Non-quotable comments

A booby pooped on me, mostly on my hat, thankfully. The crew immediately said that means good luck! Ha! And a special note: Our 28 year old daughter accompanied us at the last minute. She stayed in our room. We were quite comfortable, ok a bit tight but perfectly fine. (Guest Bruce let us store our bags in his extra bunk--very helpful!) Giancarlo offered to give Laura his room, and the captain asked repeatedly if we were ok. That was very thoughtful--that they were so concerned about our comfort.