Magno Bennett's original art in your hotel

Since 2006, the CNH Tours website has been graced with the artwork of Magno Bennett, a Galapagos artist who has spent years encouraging young people in Galapagos to explore their artistic inclinations.   

Today, Magno hung several new works commissioned by CNH Tours in our Galapagos hotel rooms.  Thanks to an agreement with Hotel Fernandina, we are now happy to give our guests who stay there the opportunity to see (and even purchase), Magno's colourful and evocative pieces.   These pieces are for sale - ask to see what's hanging on the walls of other rooms.  

Magno Bennett was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and moved to Galapagos in 1994.  He was profoundly impressed by the harsh conditions under which so many life forms managed to establish themselves and go on to thrive in the Galapagos.  He has been compelled to manifest the contrast between beautiful life, and harsh environment in his work.   Magno paints, sculpts and does graphic design work.   His art has been the subject of exhibits throughout Ecuador and is in growing demand as Galapagos visitors, having completed their tour of the islands, recognize the fine balance between life and its shaping environment in his work.  In Galapagos, he has been commissioned to carry out several murals and interpretive displays.

 Magno Bennett

Magno is actively involved in the Galapagos culture and the arts scene.  His leadership is recognized by many, and his talents sought by more.  He has led many learning workshops on art for Galapagos youth over the years, including sessions on batik, printing, painting, ceramics and even tie-dye.  As the nascent Galapagos community seeks to develop its own "island identity", community members such as Magno play an important role.