Man's life is changed

Every now and again we post a review we receive from recently returned guests.  We just received this one from Murray McComb, a former manager at Parks Canada.  He was on our Active Galapagos trip, visiting the South Eastern islands of the archipelago in late April / early May.   He travelled with is wife and another couple. 

"The Samba experience was educational, engaging, challenging, incredibly fun, and very rewarding. I could say it was even life changing, to have the opportunity to travel and "live" for over a week in one of the most incredible environments on earth and learn first hand about the natural and human history, management issues and creative solutions, and especially to experience both terrestrial and marine wildlife in such a close up and personal way. A week immersed in the Galapagos environment and mostly away from internet, email, world news, and other normal daily diversions was therapeutic, and beneficial. The trip was worth every dollar and more."

On a personal note, Murray added the following:

"Heather and Marc, we four were thrilled with the trip, and the bonus "World Heritage" dinner and ride from the airport to Quito. Thank you so much. We were totally impressed with the whole Galapagos package. It exceeded our expectations. As a small example, a couple of times just when we were wondering what we might do for lunch (on travel days), the guide would pass out box lunches that we had totally forgotten about. We felt so well cared for, and appreciated. We will all be strongly recommending CNH Tours to friends who might wish to take on the Galapagos experience."



Murray, 2nd from left.