CNH Tours Acquires a Mercedes...

 CNH Tours is very happy to welcome Mercedes Murgueytio on board as our full-time Quito based “extension specialist”.   Mercedes will be our go-to woman for all matters related to pre- or post-cruise extensions in mainland Ecuador and beyond.  If you're planning such an extension (highly recommended - mainland Ecuador is a real gem), you'll get a chance to work with Mercedes.   In peak times, Mercedes will also help our guests find the ideal Galapagos cruise.  

Mercedes overlooking the Quilotoa Volcano, about 80km/50miles south of Quito

We first got to know Mercedes about 15 years ago when she was working with one of the original Galapagos tour companies at their Quito office.  Mercedes was one of their sales representatives back then.  While there, Mercedes was first asked to help with Galapagos cruise sales – something she did for many years.   Later, she was given the responsibility to develop the land based extension portfolio for that company.   She travelled extensively in Ecuador, developing an intimate first-hand knowledge of many of the country’s diverse regions, hotels, attractions and more.  

She stepped back from her Quito job in 2014.  Being from the Valley (below Quito), she decided that the heavy traffic and the long daily commute to and from the city was getting too stressful.  Mercedes took a part time “work-from-home” job with a small agency.  When we learned that she was available to give us a hand, we seized the opportunity, having her help us as well on a part-time basis. 

Since 2014, Mercedes has become an increasingly important part of our team.  Our positive relationship and the mutual bonds of trust that we’ve developed over the years gave both of us the necessary confidence to take the final step – having her join us as a full-time colleague (after having passed the Travel Industry Council of Ontario exam for travel counsellors).   Besides helping our guests assemble the elements of an ideal continental land extension program most suited to their interests, Mercedes will also represent CNH Tours at any pertinent Quito events while also lending a helping hand when a guest might need assistance.     

Mercedes’ own words:

I was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador.  I have been lucky to live all my life in the Valley, located a 45 minute drive from the Quito.  I grew up surrounded by nature and away from the noise of a big city, and at a lower elevation, where the climate is very pleasant.

Since I was girl, my uncle would speak to me in English; this was of great help to get familiar with the language.  I studied English all through my schooling, including at the university level.  I also have fond memories of the few summers I spent attending English Summer classes at St. Joseph University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

When I graduated from high school, I was keen on helping foreigners see the beauty of my country.  This led me to enroll in a Tourism Administration program at university.  After finishing my studies, I quickly found a job with one of the largest tour companies in Ecuador – giving my first opportunity to work with visitors coming to Ecuador.