"Thank you" is magnified by 6 month reminder

We just received a hand written letter from Florence Keiser Romanov, who lives in Wilton Connecticut (USA).  Florence (she is 75 years old) joined her good friend Wendy on a trip that Wendy won by participating the the National Public Radio (Boston) fundraising drive.   In partnership with the Samba owner, CNH Tours had offered 2 free Active Galapagos trips on the Samba as a prize (we are keen on public radio and happy to support it).   

Florence so enjoyed herself on the trip and retained such fond memories of her experience that she felt compelled to say "THANK YOU" once again, 6 months after the fact, to the wonderful crew and guide.  Her letter included a cheque for $350.  She is asking us to ensure the funds get to them.   

"... it has taken me a long time to write to you and thank you for a magnificent trip to the Galapagos Islands on board 'the Samba' in January 2019.  I thought the islands were beautiful and full of mystery ligthened up a bit by those blue footed boobies.  They were fun!" she writes.

"The crew was absolutely wonderful - they couldn't have been nicer and more helpful.  I take my hat off to them!  Jimmy was a very good guide too.... I am also very grateful to José the 'capitán'  for helping me to snorkel - he took my hand and was so comforting!".

This is the first time, after 20 years in the business, that we get such a hearty and belated thank you directed to the crew of the ship.  It's a true expression of gratitude.  We feel that this gesture magnifies the meaning of her "thank you".   

This is not to belittle the regular paroxysms of "wows!" and over-the-top "thank you so much" emails and written letters we get on a regular basis.   We just wanted to highlight the fact that Florence continued to feel a strong sense of gratitude after 6 months - a true sign that the crew and guide were exceptional.