Galapagos entry procedures call for good health

In cooperation with the national government and the tourism industry, yesterday the Galapagos Governing Council published the latest resolution relating to health-related Galapagos entry procedures.  Earlier resolutions dealing with this issue were canceled.   

The latest procedures call for a rapid health check of all travellers to Galapagos, at the Quito or Guayaquil aiports, before boarding. Carried out by health professionals, if the health check reveals no reason for concern, boarding will be allowed.   If symptoms of COVID-19 are detected, boarding may be denied.  

Travellers to Galapagos may wish to reconsider their trip if at the time of departure, they are showing signs typically associated with COVID-19 (fever, cough).  If you have an underlying, non-communicable condition with symptoms that could be confused with those of COVID-19, you may wish to obtain a medical certificate explaining the situation.  There remains a risk that boarding will be denied regardless.