Omicron: Be vigilant in the weeks before your Galapagos trip

Omicron is spreading rapidly. Preliminary reports from the UK and South Africa suggest that while it spreads a lot more readily than the Delta variant, it is less likely to lead to severe illness.  So, the chances of contracting it for many of us is higher - but the chances of getting sick are lower.
Regardless of whether or not you will get sick from it, the risk is that you contract it shortly before your trip, be asymptomatic, and fail your mandatory PCR test prior to boarding your international flight to Galapagos. That will spell the end of your Galapagos trip of a lifetime (for now).

If you contract COVID and recuperate, but still test positive, an official letter from your medical practitioner explaining your situation will be accepted by Ecuadorian immigration personnel.
Be extra vigilant prior to your trip, wear a mask, be sure you get the booster shot, which increases your chances of not contracting the virus in the first place.