Positive PCR Test Before You Travel?

As omicron sweeps through the population like a Colorado grassfire, it's likely that many of us will catch it and get over it quickly (more likely if vaccinated) - but might still test negative on the PCR test required to get into Ecuador and Galapagos. The chances of this happening to you are greater if only 1-2 months elapse between the time you had COVID and your departure date.

Can you still travel to Galapagos?

In its December 3rd press release #41, (see full text here) the Ministry of Tourism indicated that the Ministry of Public Health had emitted new entry requirements. In this document, the following statement appears:

 "Any person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, and who after one month continues to obtain a positive result in the RT-PCR test must present a medical certificate issued by the country of original that supports their health status of not being in a contagious phase in order to enter Ecuador, as long as they have an absence of symptoms".

Because there have been different entry protocols between entry into Ecuador and entry into Galapagos in the past, and because that press release also includes statements that make a distinction between Galapagos and mainland Ecuador, the fact that this statement only refers to "entry into Ecuador" allows for a bit of nervous uncertainty. 

We asked our contact with the Ministry of Tourism (the Minister's assistant) about this uncertainty and he responded yesterday with the following statement:

"The medical certificate applies to those entering Ecuador and the Galapagos."

 While we would prefer an official document, so far, this is as good as we have been able to get in our efforts to clarify that uncertainty. 

SO: If you have had COVID, be sure to do a PCR test well enough in advance of your trip so that, if it still shows positive, you'll have the time to get that medical certificate.