The most comprehensive Galapagos FAQ

We've been helping people plan their Galapagos trip of a lifetime for nearly 25 years now.  Over this time, we have fielded thousands and thousands of questions from prospective and confirmed travellers.  Heather Blenkiron on our team has also spent countless hours over many years answering questions on the TripAdvisor Galapagos forum - where she was asked by TripAdvisor to take on the role of "DESTINATION EXPERT" for Galapagos.

At one point, we decided to assemble a Frequently Asked Questions page on our website.  Over the years, we've been gradually building it up, updating and refining it.   

We've seen FAQs on other websites, but we humbly believe that none comes anywhere close to ours.   With 82 common questions divided into 6 practical sections, it's designed to be easy to navigate.   

The FAQ is designed with the ship-based visitor in mind – but it still contains a wealth of information for those spending their time on land.  

You can see our FAQ by clicking here

The FAQ is divided into the following sections:

  • Planning your trip
  • On the ship
  • Health and safety
  • Climate and sea
  • Before you leave
  • Travel logistics

A sample of questions includes:

  • Should I take a cruise or a land-based tour? (we think the answer is obvious…)
  • How physically fit do I have to be?
  • Are these trips suitable for children?
  • I have particular dietary needs – can the ship accommodate me?
  • Can I scuba dive from the ship?
  • How much should I tip the guide and crew?
  • Can I use my cell phone?
  • What are wet / dry landings?
  • How about altitude sickness when passing through Quito?
  • Is a catamaran better than a monohull for seasickness?
  • What should I pack?
  • Is there a recommended reading list?
  • Are there luggage restrictions?
  • What is the transit control card?

If you have a question that’s not in our FAQ – just give us a call or send us an email.