Our guests support the community library

While the main town in Galapagos (Puerto Ayora) has a public library, there are very few resources to keep it going. As a result, unless the community comes together to support it, the doors remain closed.  A few years ago, the Puerto Ayora Naturalist Guides Association (AGIPA) took over the management of the library in an effort to keep it open and relevant for children and youth of the town.  While books remain important, the library also is a place for workshops, arts & crafts activities, games, internet access and more. 

CNH Tours has been a long-time supporter of the library.  In 2006, we ran a library fund-raising cruise in cooperation with the Canadian Library Association.   We donated all the proceeds from the trip to the library. Over the past several years, we’ve been encouraging our guests to bring down some supplies with them.  If they spend time in Puerto Ayora, we have occasionally arranged to have them visit the library (as was the case with the Masucci family earlier this week – see picture).   Otherwise, we arrange to have the supplies delivered to the library.  We’re also members of the International Galapagos Tour Operators’ Association and through our fees, we provide additional support to the library.


If you’re heading off to Galapagos and are keen on helping out, please let us know.



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