New Post-COVID Age = New Hotels

The prolonged hiatus imposed by the pandemic has allowed us to have a good hard look at the hotels we use for our signature trips (the Ocean Safari on the luxury Integrity yacht, and the Active Galapagos on the tourist superior Samba).   We also regularly use our selected hotels for guests on other trips needing to spend time in Galapagos or Quito.  

To a certain extent, this change was imposed on us by events.   Our go-to boutique hotel in Quito, the Mansion del Angel, stayed closed well after the worst of the pandemic had passed, and well after we started receiving guests again.  We were prompted to find another small, unique establishment in very short order. 

Meanwhile, the family owned and operated Hotel Fernandina in Galapagos transferred management to a third party.  "Time for a switch" we decided.  The Hotel Fernandina, while having served us well for 15 years, was getting long in the tooth and it was becoming obvious that it wasn't getting the necessary attention it deserved in terms of keeping things on the up and up. 

It's always a challenge to find a new place.  We had worked with the Mansion del Angel for nearly 20 years.  Our guests were always very impressed by this very well-managed hotel, right out of the early 20th century.  But we're very happy with the "Mama Cuchara".  Located in the historic center, just a 15-minute walk from the presidential palace, the Mama Cuchara is owned by a Quito family whose mission it is to highlight arts and crafts of the neighbourhoods in which they are located.  We recently used it for our own not-for-profit 32 person fundraising trip and all guests were very happy with our selection. 


In Galapagos, we started using the new and very nicely located “Ikala” hotel.   Built around a small pool in a central courtyard, this three-story establishment is just a 3-minute walk from the main pier, yet located on a side street, and away from the traffic noise.  The hotel’s rooftop restaurant offers a wonderful view of the sea.  Our group of 32 also stayed there recently and again, they all gave it a thumbs up.   

We hope you’ll have a chance to relax and unwind at these comfortable hotels yourself one day.