Irish Pistol-Packing Adventuress

Like most people do when they pick up a magazine, I tend to start at the back.  And that’s where The Economist puts its weekly obituary.   These obituaries don’t necessarily focus on “important” people (politicians / business leaders / great artists).  I’m not sure how they come up with their weekly selection, but they seem to be guided in part by a search for people who've dared to be different and who will have left a big impression on at least one nation’s sense of identity.  

Last week’s obituary was about Dervla Murphy and her bicycle, the aptly named Rocinante (Roz for short).  She took it to all corners of the world - literally from A to Z (Afghanistan to Zimbabwe), and passing through many other places.  In the story, she comes across as an independent, strong-willed woman with an unrestrained sense of adventure - “batty and stubborn and fiercely independent” in The Economist’s words.

While a 0.25 caliber pistol is not on the CNH Tours packing list for a trip to Galapagos, there's no harm in bringing at least a bit of Dervla’s attitude. 

You can read the full obituary by clicking here.

Dervla Murphy and her faithful mount, Roz