Our Guests Travel Carbon "Neutrally"

We're proud to display the certificate below, given by The Gold Standard carbon offset agency.  Created by the World Wildlife Fund, with support from other international NGOs, and several national governments, The Gold Standard ensures that your carbon offsets are effective and permanent. 

We calculated the carbon emissions resulting from our guests' travels from January to June 2022 (183 metric tonnes).  We then purchased the equivalent in carbon offsets. The certificate below was emitted by The Gold Standard in recognition of that purchase. 

With increasing concern over climate change issues world-wide, more and more people are looking at what they can do to reduce their own emissions. It's pretty difficult to avoid emitting carbon when engating in international travel. Flights, cruises - all continue to rely on hydrocarbons to move you from point A to point B.  But by purchasing offsets, we are taking a good step in compensating for those emissions by contributing to projects that capture an equivalent amount of carbon.  For more info on carbon offsets and how we calculate the amount of carbon released on our trips, click here.