Downloadable SIM Cards

We came across this interesting article which provides information on how you can avoid paying high roaming fees while travelling by downloading a SIM card for the country in which you are travelling.   

When we travel, cell phone companies charge up to $15 per day to 'roam like home' the moment you send a single e-mail in other countries. 

You can avoid these high prices by buying a local SIM card when you arrive at their your destination (airports usually have kiosks for that). Using a local SIM card can save you a lot of money, costing less than $20-$30 and giving you more data than you are likely to use on their entire trip.  But buying one comes with a new set of challenges. 


The latest thing are downloadable SIM cards, avoid many of the challenges linked to having to buy one.  In this article here, the author goes into all the details.