CNH Tours Gives Keynote Address at Tourism Conference

How does one go about designing a tour?  What are the main considerations?  Who does one choose to work with? How do you handle difficult situations (like COVID...)? What do women bring to the table?  

CNH Tours' very own Heather Blenkiron (also the TripAdvisor "Destination Expert" for Galapagos) was invited to give a keynote address today to the 2nd National Encounter for Students in Tourism, organized by the Espiritu Santo Technology University in Guayaquil, Ecuador (24-26 August).  The theme is "Equality of Opportunity - Women Leaders in the Tourism and Aviation Industry".   

She was asked to address these questions, based on her 20+ years of experience doing exactly that.  

CNH Tours is proud to have been asked to do this - seeing it as a testament to our very long term engagement in Galapagos and Ecuador tourism, the development of long term relationships with a wide variety of local partners and our reputation as a serious, professional and trustworthy tour operator.  

Bravo Heather!