Here are the most recent comments received from returning guests who travelled on our "Active Galapagos" trips, on the Samba - unedited / nothing has been deleted.  Such comments are pretty standard around here.  We're very glad to have such a close working relationship with the Samba.  The Samba is one of a handful of truly locally owned AND operated ships in Galapagos.  


  • Absolutely exceeded our expectations in every way. It truly was the trip of a life-time. We felt that we got to be totally immersed with the wildlife. The pace is wonderful - up at daybreak to experience amazing wildlife activity as the day begins, then snorkeling that was incredible; snorkeled several times a day, and often multiple jumps in each snorkle outing to make sure we got to experience as much as possible. Afternoon was repeat - snorkle, hike. The crew is amazing and kept everything running so smoothly. Our guide, Harry, was phenomenal. He made sure we didn't just "see" the Galapagos, but experience it. We felt we were part of the Galpagos and experienced it on such an intimate level. We have already recommended it to several of our friends.


  • Wow wow wow. Far exceeded my expectations. We swam with whales!


  • A trip on the Samba is like no other; trip of a lifetime! Local folks in Galapagos know of and revere the Samba and its crew. It’s legendary.


  • CNHTour company is so recommendable, I will be doing so for sure, and hope to travel with you again. Top Drawer! Thank you to all who work for you.


  • What an outstanding experience! We look forward to a return voyage!


  • The Active Samba Galapagos tour was all that it advertised and more. The naturalist guide was informative, energetic and fun. He is a skilled teacher and photographer who shared his photographs and videos with us. The crew were so welcoming and responsive and the food was excellent and plentiful. We saw so much new wildlife on land and underwater. We were there during late November and early December when new births ( sea lions) and mating rituals (Albatross and Frigates) were on display. Very exciting. The Samba is a small boat meaning that our group of 14 made for quick transitions into new actives without a lot of logistics to manage large numbers. I would do this again in a heartbeat.


  • Wonderful to experience the Galapagos on a small boat such as the Samba. Staff and naturalists are top notch. Highly recommend this group!


  • We waited 3 years for this trip post pandemic and it didn’t disappoint. Superb from start to finish


  • Wow! What an amazing trip! We just returned from a week in the Galapagos on the Samba with guide Jimmy Patino, Captain Jose and their fabulous crew. We were up early every day for a new adventure. Swimming with Pacific Sea Turtles, Galapagos Penguins and Galapagos Sea Lions; snorkeling as the Blue-footed Bobbies were diving underwater for fish; getting close ups of the Galapagos Hawk and Marine Iguanas; spying on Galapagos Giant Tortoises mating; hiking across a lava field to see Greater Flamingos at a watering hole; watching Red-footed Boobies feed their chicks; the list of amazing encounters with wildlife goes on and on. Everyone on the Samba, travelers and staff alike, shared in the wonder and delight of the natural environment on the Galapagos Islands. The crew fed us tasty healthy food (catering to the many dietary restrictions among our group), ferried us to shore and snorkeling spots several times each day, and helped us get our wetsuits on and off, always with good humor. We are recommending the Samba to all our friends and family!


  • We booked our trip on the Samba through a Canadian outfit, CNH Tours. Although we were pleased with the booking process, they really shined at the end of the trip when I left my passport on the airplane coming back to the Ecuadoran mainland. Three of us spent about 45 minutes with little to show for our calls to the hotel, airline, and US embassy. Feeling overwhelmed, I called Heather at CNH Tours, hoping for some guidance on how to get a new passport and a timeframe for rebooking my flight home. Heather’s advice, “Sit tight. We’re going to get your passport to you!” I was instantly reassured, as Heather began tapping into her network. Our fellow travelers Jo-Anne and Gordon helped by retrieving the passport in Quito and getting it to our “courier.” Five hours later I was at the Guayaquil airport picking up my passport from one of Samba owner Juan Salcedo’s cousins. I don’t know how many people Heather contacted to make it all happen, but I sure felt like I was part of the Samba family when it was over. I would never expect anyone at a travel agency to go to such lengths for me, but that’s Heather, CNH and the Samba Way!


  • I had read so much about the Galapagos prior to our trip but nothing had prepared me for how close we would be to the array of biodiversity. Truly the trip of a lifetime. I am so grateful to Morris and all of the Samba crew!!!!


  • Very much a recommended trip!


  • It was an amazingly fun and active trip with incredible sights and experiences, but also being immersed in that natural environment, you get an appreciation of how delicate a balance everything is in and how it all needs looking after.



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