Politics in Ecuador - Never Boring!

Politics are certainly never boring in Ecuador.

While overall political stability has been relatively constant for the last decade or so, the current President has been governing (or trying to govern) amongst a very challenging group of National Assembly members, many of which are no longer supported by the general electorate in Ecuador.

Amidst an impeachment trial, the President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, has used constitutional powers to dissolve the country’s National Assembly. The opposition-led National Assembly was to cast its vote Wednesday May 17 on whether to impeach, with chances that it would be a close vote. According to the BBC, analysts believed that 88 lawmakers (out of a required 92) would have voted to impeach during the trial. The cause for the trial was an accusation of ignoring embezzlement. However, the President’s party believed that the cause for the impeachment trial (similar to a vote of no-confidence in parliamentary systems) was purely politically motivate.

President Lasso is now using a constitutional clause (called "Muerte Cruzada" in Spanish, roughly translated to "mutual death") to call early elections, in addition to dissolving the National Assembly. Lasso's decision is defended as allowing the population to decide on his ousting or resumed presidency, as well as to elect assembly members.

Certain groups within Ecuador have mentioned a possible intention to protest, notably the confederation of Indigenous groups known as Conaie; however, the military, police, and the greater majority of the population approve of the actions of the President, as they are constitutional. Chances of disruptions or major protests seem slim.

From the BBC, quoting Lasso, "It is a democratic decision not only because it is constitutional but because it returns to the Ecuadorean people the possibility to decide."

As one of our colleagues in Quito reports, things are calm and the day-to-day of the country rolls on. Both public and private functions are operating normally and it is very unlikely that any negative activities would impact the tourism sector in particular. (Since 2014 with the price drop in oil, the Ecuadorian economy has depended much more heavily on tourism as a main source of income and aim to avoid any sort of disruptions to it.)

The CNH Tours team, in particular our in-country colleagues, along with our many partners, will be monitoring the situation very closely.

Source for stats on voting: BBC

In-country source: Mercedes Murgueytio



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