11 day cruise followed by New Year's in Galapagos

No year end holiday plans yet? 

We've organized a trip that's guaranteed to have you end the year, and start the new one, with wonderful and lasting memories. 

We're running our first Natural History Workshop, from 18-30 December 2024, with an option to extend your stay in an nice boutique hotel for two extra days, allowing you to witness and enjoy the unique and colourful new year's eve celebrations as they are carried out in Ecuador, and in particular, in Galapagos.  

What is a Natural History Workshop?

  • Longer, uninterrupted expedition cruise (11 days on board for this departure) - the only such cruise in Galapagos
  • Two hand-picked naturalist guides, for a 8:1 ratio of guides to guests
  • Full days, starting as early as dawn and into the evening (all activities optional of course)
  • Slow paced - spending more time engaged with wildlife and landscapes both above and below the sea
  • Curated evening presentations on various natural history topics pertinent to your trip

DATES:  18-30 December 2024, includes 2 days in Quito and 12 days on the ship.

NEW YEAR'S EVE IN GALAPAGOS OPTION:  After the cruise, spend 2 days / 2 nights in a very comfortable boutique hotel in Galapagos and enjoy the celebrations. 


  • Standard trip (12 nights / 13 days): US$7,862 / person sharing
  • With New Year's Even option (14 nights / 15 days): US$8,315 sharing.   Travelling solo?  Contact us. 


More information on our Natural History Workshops


"Out with the old, in with the new!".  Año Viejo papier maché figures are elaborately constructed in preparation for the New Year's eve celebration.  At the stroke of midnight, they all go up in flames, condemning to the ashes representaitons of unpleasant memories, events or people of the previous year.