NEW: Solo Traveller Matching Service


It's a fact - the price for most trips jumps by a significant amount for solo travellers.  This higher price is a real turn-off for most and discourages them from participating. 

We've seen a lot of that over the years.  While we can accommodate solo travellers willing to share on our Active Galapagos trips, and while our Natural History Workshops can host up to two solo travellers at no extra price for the cruise, this is the exception to the rule in general - not all ships in Galapagos have this policy, and nor do any chartered services we book for our custom trips. 

Recently, we have helped 4 solo travellers match up with each other, allowing them to join our "Provence Discovery" trip taking place in September 2025.  We were very pleased at the outcome.  It encouraged us to try a little harder to help other solo travellers consider joining any of our trips.  

To that end, we are very pleased to announce our..... 




If you are pretty keen on joining one of our trips, and if the only thing stopping you is the solo price, you can register with our matching service. 

We ask you to provide a bit of basic info on who you are (nothing intrusive) and what trip it is that you are keen on taking.  We monitor the responses on the registry - and if we find two people (same gender) expressing interest in the same trip, we send them each a separate email, sharing with them the basic info on the other solo traveller (no contact details), and ask if they would agree to be put in touch with each other.  Only if both agree do we proceed to put them in touch with each other.   The rest is up to them.   

We hope this service will result in a whole lot more solo travellers being able to join our trips at the "shared accommodations" price.